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Bullhorn is a cloud computing company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company provides customer relationship management (CRM), applicant tracking system (ATS), and operations software for the staffing industry. As of 2019, the company reported more than 11,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

Mathew shares his disappointing experience on trustradius.com, "I called Bullhorn and asked for training on setting up my dashboards to actually help us utilize workflow and track candidates through the process, and they sent me to their website to watch training videos. The videos don't help at all with anything more advanced, so we are going to have to pay more on top to get their team to set it up for us. We also didn't know that if we wanted to send emails to our customers and candidates through the system, we would have to send one at a time. This absolutely DESTROYED our email credibility with email service providers and ISP's because if we wanted to send a job to 100 of our candidates to see if anyone might be interested in the job, it BCC's everyone instead of sending each individual an email."


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Former Employee - Software Development Manager says

"It's a good old boys club"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"bad place to work back then management was bad and didnt care for what the staff had to say or do so but now its the venue and i fell like its doing a lot better"

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Poor management led to poor work expectations and a work load that wasn't bearable. Instead of leading management would just bash you every chance they had.Free lunches every Wednesday, Free breakfast every Friday, Vacation daysPoor management, poor pay, work/life balance could be better"

Marketing Manager, Executive Search (Former Employee) says

"Generally good workplace culture. Lots of opportunities for growth. Great chance to take the lead for a product line, globally and manage a team, great learning experience."

Senior Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bullhorn is a smaller company still integrating multiple acquisitions. The open office and company sponsored lunch and breakfast can make for a noisy work environment.Free lunchUnlimited vacation is not unlimited"

Marketing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"It's good. Easy-going staff, monthly drinks, free lunches, casual wear. Career advancement is a mixed bag. There's lots of it and at the same time if you're not lucky you're not involved."

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